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Fri 29th Nov 2019, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


$47 NZD + BF

$47 NZD + BF


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Fri 29th Nov 2019, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Pegasus Community Centre
8 Tahuna St, Pegasus 7612

Event description


Conscious connections for couples

We get it …

Life gets busy and it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind. Our relationship can take a back seat as we juggle our daily tasks.

It doesn’t have to be this way though – and we want to ensure its not!

Relationships are important, relationships take work, relationships take commitment and relationships need connection.

In fact all humans need connection, deep connection – and in this day and age it seems to be at a loss.

Join us for a special evening of connection, where we will be taking you on an amazing journey to reConnect in your relationship.

It’s time to create a safe space that we step into together, where we get to share, be vulnerable, connect and make time for each other and our relationship.

Call it a date night, call it a fun night out, call it whatever you like it’s the place you will want to be.

We’ve taken the best bits of our 13 years of personal development and growth together, and packaged it into a two hour event where you get to transform your relationship, deepen your connection and get present to what it is.

You will laugh like you haven’t laughed in a while, you will connect like you haven’t connected in a while and you will see each other as you haven’t seen each other in a while… Trust us it will be MAGIC

We will provide the snacks, the fun and the facilitation & you won’t be disappointed.

Note: This is not a counselling or therapy session. It’s a fun event where you will get to reConnect with your partner through awesome activities and conversation.

Let’s create connected couples and powerful partnerships

Who are we?

Joe and Rochelle Faimalo, two humans in love that know what it takes to create a powerful partnership & thriving marriage.  

We are committed to the work, investing in ourselves and our relationship and are super keen to share some epic tools and insights with you!

We hear it all the time, the challenges in people’s relationships, the disconnection, and the busy lives people are leading and we wanted to create the space for you to stop and re-connect.

Your relationship is worth it, your friendship is worth it and you need to invest in it.

Questioning if this is for you? We challenge you to stop and think why wouldn’t this be for you?

Why wouldn’t you join us and see what is possible, what is beyond where you are right now and what it would look like to have a thriving relationship.

It’s all very well to read the occasional book, watch the occasional you tube clip or ted talk, have the occasional connecting conversation and enjoy the occasional date night.

What does it look like to truly embody the love and connection you share? We know and we want to show you.

Trust us, come along and make time for you as a couple…

A wise nun once told us that our relationship is the primary one, we need to work on it, stay strong, connected and support each other. Our kids grow up and leave home, our friendship and relationship is important and needs to be maintained through the busy years.

Be reminded of why you came together and grow though the journey, learn to fall in love with each other again, and again and again.

Who is this for?

Couples, all couples who are wanting to connect

You don’t have to be married or have children. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together – if you call yourself a couple you are welcome.

Whether your relationship is thriving or simply surviving this event is for you

*One Ticket required per couple. 


Get in touch we would love to chat!

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